Toady’s The Daily Post at WordPress is to post something that makes you smile. There are so many things that I could post under this topic, it’s ridiculous. I laugh at the ordinary, the mundane, the pointless. Sometimes I even laugh at the profound, and meaningful.  Life is full of humor, if your eyes are open to see it.

Today I laughed at a friend’s status update where he hoped he wouldn’t use toddler talk while at work today, after having been home all last week with his kids.  It was one of those quick moments where I was thankful for the deluge that is social networking because that was a window into his life.  And I knew he laughed writing it, so in a way, we laughed together.

Today I laughed at myself when I had one of those rare thoughts that are so obvious, it should have been said before.  I have a lot of those moments working on the dissertation and then I remind myself of one of my live in the moment resolutions – don’t take those observations for granted, they are more profound than you think.  (I talk to myself like this a lot.)

A few years ago, I went back through my old journals.  It was like looking through written snapshots of my life.  I wrote a lot about being sad or upset and rarely about being happy.  I think that’s going to be one of my resolutions this year: write about more happy things.  From my own status updates to whatever it this space turns into, I want to focus on the things that are working.  Laughter is a good place to start.

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