Angry Girl

This is really cheating because I didn’t write this today, but I call myself a poet in the about section of this page and have never posted a poem.  So here is one from several years ago.


angry girl


she can out drink her dad

handle her liquor

smoke dope

drop acid


and wears her anger on her arm


running up her arm like rungs of a ladder

the uncared for cuts get infected

the scars left behind are bumpy and ragged


she doesn’t try to hide them the way she

hides her disappointment

empty promises of pop music and romance novels


she knows the truth

self-inflicted pain is more real than hurtful words

and her father’s open hand across her cheek


the scars: a reminder of her power

pain she can control

just a little harder

just a little deeper

just one more time

digging into her flesh

she knows her limit here too: can handle the pain


no longer alone

the scars are hers forever



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