Apparently, I am bad at this

Well, I told myself I would post every day for the rest of April and I didn’t even manage to make it a week keeping up with that idea!  It hasn’t been for lack of desire, maybe a little bit about not having anything I felt compelled enough to say, but last night was because we needed to move furniture.  I moved my desk – the one I almost never use – into Chris’s office so that we can game together and I won’t have to sit on the guest bed with my laptop burning a hole through my thigh.  Fascinating stuff, I know.

So I am going to pull a topic from the The Daily Post blog.   It’s not today’s topic – it’s actually from a couple of days ago:

Topic 95:
What rare talent do you have that most people don’t know?

I have two nicknames these days: Evil Smurf and The Gateway Drug.

Really, they both go together to personify my rare talent.

One of my closest friends keeps a running list of the TV shows, movies, and games I recommend to her and we spend hours talking about them after she watches or plays them.  Another friend just texted me because she can’t stop thinking about a TV show I told her to watch.  The copy editor of my dissertation is now playing an MMORPG . . .

And this is how I am The Gateway Drug.

My rare power: introducing people to things I know they will love.  How do I know they will love them?  Usually because I do but sometimes I just know people’s personalities and the things they might enjoy.

And this is what makes me Evil Smurf.

Maybe “evil” is too strong a word in this context but when I took the “What Smurf are You?” Facebook quiz, that was the answer.  But I do provide plenty of distraction for people, usually in the form of entertainment they enjoy . . . so I can live with that, evil or otherwise.


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  1. #1 by Boochen Sundance on April 12, 2011 - 6:19 pm

    Keep at it. I also committed and have made it a whole 16 days/posts. It doesn’t get easier, but if you can just make yourself write something… blah blah blah. You know, just do it.

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