I need a break

So I’ve had a migraine today.  The last time I had a migraine was about two years ago and was, oddly enough, right after I finished my exams and advanced to candidacy.

Well, maybe it’s not odd, although I remember at that time all I could think about was the fact that I planned to take at least a month off from writing/reading/dissertation stuff because I knew I had driven myself into the ground preparing for the prelims.  I had hoped to do that finishing the dissertation too but . . . well . . . it kind of blows when the Monday after you become a Ph.D. you find out you’ve lost half your income for the summer and that while you thought you’d have the summer to look for another teaching job, instead you’re going to have to apply for unemployment.

So instead of spending the last two weeks reveling in the fact that I finished my Ph.D. and don’t have to cringe when someone sends me an email addressed to Dr. MyLastName, I have been in a panic about what I am going to do with myself when June comes and I am broke.

Talk about a buzz kill.

I’ve applied to every college within a 75 mile radius of my apartment.  Now it’s time to sit and wait.  I am not good with the patience thing but I am pretty sure my body is telling me it is time to take a break and slow down a bit.  I’ve worked hard, and succeeded, it’s now time to step back and let my well laid out hand play itself out.


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