Today has been a good day.  It’s been a day of connections.

I had coffee this morning with a former boss actually, one of those rare experiences where Facebook actually brought me closer to someone pretty damn awesome.  We’ve chatted over email, comparing notes about life and struggles and changes.  We’ve talked on the phone.  But we hadn’t actually seen each other in 16 years.

That’s a long time.

Last night I had been thinking about where I was then – 1995 – just about to start classes at UCSC.  Fresh faced and oh-so-naive.  John was my “boss” at a local radio station where I was a news intern for the summer.  It was a great job – I got to write some quips that he would read on the air the next day and hang out at a radio station.  One of my best friends was working there at the time so I got to see him as well.

It was the perfect job for me at the time.

But I moved to Santa Cruz, and got lost in my university experience.  Not a bad thing – just the way things go sometimes.

I didn’t reconnect with John until he friended a friend on Facebook (the same one from that same radio station).  At first it was just one of those I-kinda-know-this-person connections.  Nothing serious.  Then he started a blog and I’m not ashamed to say his blog was part of the inspiration for me starting this one.

It’s fitting that we both love words and that’s really what connected us from the beginning.  He teaches now and he gets it and that’s awesome.  I knew seeing him today would be great.

But I didn’t expect it to have an awesome outcome.

I decided after I dropped him off at his symposium, that I would run a couple of errands up on campus.  I needed to return my graduation regalia by tomorrow and empty the last box out of my office.  I’ve had my office packed up for weeks and was dragging my feet about finishing, not yet ready to leave my university behind in such a final way.

As I was walking to the bookstore, I ran into one of my profs, one of my all time favorites, actually, and she asked me what I was doing about jobs, etc.  I told her how I was struggling and that with budget cuts even finding part time jobs was difficult.

I won’t go into the details but let’s just say . . . . it was a very good conversation and some good connections were made right there.

Had any moment of my day gone any differently . . . had I not met John for coffee or headed to campus to return my robes . . . had I not parked in metered parking so I could get my last box from my office . . . this connection wouldn’t have been made.

So I guess the moral of the story would be never underestimate how the words you use connect you to the people in your life.  You never know where the awesome might be found.


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