Greetings and welcome to My Reflecting Pool!

This blog is just as the title suggests – a place where I take the time to reflect on my life and share some of my observations.  My sometimes profound, sometimes amusing posts and rants are here for your reading pleasure.

I started this blog in December 2010 to participate in Reverb#10 (now @LetsReverb). At that time I was in the home stretch of finishing my dissertation for my Ph.D. in American Studies and this space allowed me to empty a lot of “extra” words out of my brain and through that process, I was able to buckle down and finish my dissertation on time. It might seem counter intuitive, but sometimes more writing produces just that – more (and better) writing.

Some of the themes you’ll see me discussing these days are job hunting (specifically in academic markets), teaching, writing, teaching writing, and poetry (on occasion).  I’ve been wanting to participate in #postaday from WordPress but I’ve been much better at #postaweek since I often take several days reflecting before I sit down to write.

All comments on this blog are moderated to cut down on the inevitable spam that occurs.  If you are a real person posting a real response to my blog, I will approve your comment.  If you’re a spambot, please find somewhere else to share your jibberish.

If you’re interested in my research, you can check out my professional blog at game-on-girl.com.

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